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Here at Sunderland Online Business Directory, we understand how important it is to be a local. We are built for the community by the community.

We are proud to recognise Via Digital Solutions, a local Sunderland owned company, who built our site, and we are happy to support them.

We could’ve gone outside our community to create this site, but why would we, when the best talent is right here, and homegrown.

Through this Covid-19 crisis, there has been much more emphasis on supporting your local businesses. Our community will weather this storm as we have done in the past and will come out on the other side stronger and more united.

The rebirth in our town centre is just the beginning to bring life back to our city, and we are proud to be a
part of that. With improvements happening all over town, it is more important to make sure we stand behind great businesses before they are forced to close their doors.

The new infrastructure that is being introduced
to our city will give us the boost we need as a community and allow us to support our community members.

We pride ourselves in creating local business connections that will last a lifetime. We work hard to keep our site up to date to help drive our local community and stay in the know of everything that is happening around Sunderland.

If you are looking to find where the action is, then start your search here.

Why leave our great community when everything you need is so close. Build a lasting relationship with the
great local business owners and support their journey as they provide you with the best goods and services.

We are strong, and we are in this together. We are so glad that you stopped by and please contact us if you
need anything.

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